Fresh Air

Comic street theater

Three characters, who will be very familiar to us, and a giant chair come out to enjoy the fresh air.

Everyday and at the same time surreal scenes, which have the ability to generate very comical images with very few words.

 The show is inspired by the grandmothers who went out on summer nights (and in some towns still do) to drink the fresh air and comment on the anecdotes of the day, where any everyday event could become a great story...

And the streets will always belong to the neighbors!

The structure of the show is caused by: the interaction with the street space and the pedestrians, the relationships between the 3 characters and the actions of the characters with the chair.

Fresh Air it wants to be a vindication of the street space as a space for everyone for young and old, a space to relate, to share,... in short, to live there

Artistic Team

Idea and production: Cia. Anna Confetti

Direction: Pep Vila

Characters: Anna Confetti, Meritxell Santamaria, Laia Pineda.

Scenography: Pep Aymerich and Miquel Ollé

Dressing: Anna Alavedra

Technical information

2 Versions:
Itinerant with 2 stops
In a fixed space (street or room)

Ages All audiences

itinerant version 60 minutes
fixed space version: 50 minutes

outdoor Pedestrian streets, squares, parks...
interior: theaters, rooms (7m width x 6m depth x 4m height)

With the support

Associated company:

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Clowns Without Borders