The Anna Confetti Company

The Anna Confetti co. has been causing smiles with her street and indoor shows for over 37 years. 

Comic and poetic shows for all audiences. Expressing herself with the language of the circus, clowns and gestural theatre.

Cercavila” 1986, “Circ amb Maleta” 1988, “Gran Parada” 1990, “Per Llogar-hi Cadires” 1994, “Les Confetti Sisters” 1999, “Cirquet al Solei” 2001 , “La Lluna en un Cove” 2003, “Marisol” 2006 , “Afina Serafina” 2009, “Miss Umbrel’la” 2011, “Musicirc” 2012, “Confetti Circus” 2013,  “Pianissimo Circus” 2014, “Tri-Circ” 2018, “Fresh Air” 2019.

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