Cia. Anna Confetti
comedy and poetry shows for all audiences

The Anna Confetti group has been making people smile for more than 35 years, with street performances and stage shows.
Comedy and poetry shows for all audiences with clowns, circus and music.

” Fresh Air ”

Street Theatre

Three old ladies go out for some fresh air carring their own giant chair with them. Some hilarious situations are created as they walk around the town.

Daily situations are the inspiration for the show.

Visual and with few words.

2 Versions

A: walking act with some stops

B: Performed in a fixed space

Artistic Team

Idea & Production : Cia. Anna Confetti

Direction: Pep Vila

Performers: Anna Confetti, Rosita Calvi, Tere Solà

Scenography: Pep Aymerich, Miquel Ollé

Costumes: Anna Alavedra

Techical Sheet

Recommended age: all audiences

Duration: 50 minutes

Places can be represented: Squares, pedestrian streets, parks …

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Collaborates with:

Clowns Without Borders